My philosophy in golf instruction is to keep it simple and have fun. The fundamentals of a solid swing start with grip, stance/posture, and alignment. I wish I learned these core concepts early in my golf education, it would have saved a ton of pain. Most swing flaws are a result of one or more of these key functions being off and setting off a sequence that makes it very difficult for a golfer to swing freely. Getting these fundamentals correct puts a golfer in a great position to send the ball to the target without any undue effort.

Short game is the next key to lower scores. Having a solid low, mid and high pitch, a crisp chip and a confident bunker game will help shave real strokes off your game.

Next would be approach, play golf like the person you are. I can help you find an approach that putts you in a position to be comfortable and confident over the ball. This is the key to consistency.

I am very passionate about this game and believe it can be fun every time you tee it up.