Callahan Custom Golf provides certified professional FlightScope launch monitor sessions.
A launch monitor is an invaluable tool for clubfitters and swing coaches. The 3d Doppler radar captures a ton of data regarding a player’s swing as well as the resulting ball flight. It does take some expertise to wade through all the various information provided, but here are a few of the important items, further info can be found in this
article on Golf WRX.

Swing Speed: This is where we start when looking at shaft fitting. In general faster swings do better with stiffer shafts and slower swings get more out of more flexible shafts. But this is just a starting point.

Club Path: In-to-out, out-to-in or right down the line. Golfers with in-to-out swings can play longer club while out-to-in swings benefit from shorter clubs.

Face Angle: If your driver is 3 degrees open at impact and we put you into a head with a 2 degree closed face it can turn a slice into a controlled fade right away.

Spin Rate/Angle: These two details tell us so much about shot shape that any change results in big differences in how the ball flies. Also, this will also determine how the ball with react on approach shots. We all know what it looks like when pros spin the ball on the green, learn to spin it the right amount.

Angle of Attack: Do you hit down on the ball, up, or dead level. This is a very important factor to consider when selecting wood lofts.

Carry Distance/Total Distance: How far do you hit it? This is good to know when selecting a club for any given shot. A launch monitor can be used to dial in your distances.

Ball Trajectory: Fade, draw or straight, did the ball do what you wanted it to? There are many swing or equipment changes to consider to get the ball to do what you want.